Legacy Project

Our city’s namesake, Adolfo Camarillo, was a dedicated leader, an innovative businessman, a generous employer and a loving father and husband. The Camarillo Ranch tells his story and is a powerful testament to the roots of our community.

By preserving the Camarillo Ranch and Adolfo’s legacy, the Camarillo Ranch Foundation is also preserving a shared history for not only our ancestors, but also for ourselves, our children and future generations yet to come.

Adolfo’s legacy is OUR legacy and we want to work with you to connect people to this shared local history, preserving the legacy of innovation, leadership, philanthropy and education that Adolfo left behind. Many of you have been connected to the Camarillo Ranch for many years. We would love to hear your story as part of an exciting new project we have in the works! Will you help us keep history alive?

If you have a true story about Adolfo Camarillo or the “golden days” of the Camarillo Ranch, we would love to hear from you!  

Submitting a story is as easy as filling out the form below. Before you do that, though, we ask that you read the guidelines below. Then, fill out the form and we will contact you!


  • Stories must be true.
  • Stories must be related to Adolfo Camarillo or the “golden days” of the Camarillo Ranch. We refer to the “golden days” as the time period between which the Camarillo’s purchased Rancho Calleguas in 1875 to when the City of Camarillo took ownership of the remaining 4.5 acre property in 1998.
  • Stories must include details such as people, place, time and significance.

Charged with the mission of preserving the historic home and legacy of Adolfo Camarillo, the Camarillo Ranch Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that offers dynamic educational programs to the community, connecting people to a shared local history and preserving the legacy of innovation, leadership philanthropy and education that Adolfo left behind.